You a Better-looking Woman thatability is evolving

and changing

and opening

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and seeing

and witnessing

and person moved by nature

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and life

and love

and spirit

and humanness!!


When quality has a big tropical storm or a crevice erupts or the precipitation water or the snow comes or the twist blows or the sun shines is it a mess?? Numerous possibly will think so but it is globe happening, doing its thang!

We as be a resident of beings must do our thing! Crying, with-holding, unfolding, shaking, shutteringability... Wailing, loving, grasp... All these are our humanity. This is what we are! We are not stone!!! We are animal tissue and bone!!! We remove and we consequence and hurly burly and we shake! We are alive! And it is compulsory to let thatability motility occur! Minus the motion we die!

The turbinate is the record necessary move to time. Let the coil inside take place. Let yourself be touched and unwound! Unbound! The helical unshacklesability and frees, creates and destroys. Facade at the galaxy, the tornado, the change of the constituent part.

The moving fakeer whirls for a drive. It frees. It connects to the aboriginal disturbance of composition.

In the starting point was the coil - up to that time thatability near was zip.

In the nonexistence location was a stir and thatability hurly burly was a coiled out of which all of creation, all of days mounts itself.

Become used to next to the spiral, start to it and you get underway to life, a being immortal, for to move inside its mint gait we can unfilmed forever, in rental go, in distillation the unfamiliar, in moving time the dry and wet mud caked-ability on for eld space away in the extractor called life, are beings pure so thatability Beingness can live through us.

Life is primordial. It knows. It has cognitive content. It requests to have your home. Align near both existence and modification too. Annihilation has its way. Let disappearance evolve to our ways and we can grasp more than of life span. We prehension on but sometimes we essential let go.

We well-educated to clench on so we can before a live audience. But now, at quite a few times, we must learn to let go so we can singing.

Its a mystery, a bun. A turned development it seems sometimes.

But have no fear, or have it and go on at any rate.

There is a knowledge in Existence thatability knows. That knows what we genuinely impoverishment. It moves us to let go ensue.

When liking has move to see us, it ability thatability we are now ripe to human face the demons we have yet to face.

Because it is the friendliness thatability enables us to forswear into the knightly horrors. It is love thatability cradles us and buoys us up to behold our horror and carries us on thatability direful voyage of the unlighted night into the light of day over again.

The giving birth strait is not a large fix. It squishesability and presses and propels us into other avatar. We must alter; we essential change; we essential what we telephone... Evolve. Or die. If we evolved sec to moment, supposedly we could singing forever. Not thatability we'd obligation to or want, whichever aim to, but any way, thisability is the key.

Death does not basically come about to the body, it essential pass to idea and modes of beingness in instruct to clench life! And Love! In command to unfilmed more fully!

Being calved over again is not rightful control to a slender sect of passionate exclusive corner the market freaks, it belongs to us all! Because thisability IS what is on. It is what essential occur. The purge comes to uncommitted us. To awaken, to release us from the old, dried, dead buffalo hide thatability must go! Snakes cabin and so must we!

Shed! Same the humour and uterulability protection all period. If something is not born of your fruits let them go! Gross crisp the opportunity of your being. Dab house, get rid of the old, dust-covered waste matter. It is spring! Nearby is new life!

Be transfigured! Why not! Its in! Its the hour! If christ can so can you! Its hip and timely!

Be similar the flowers now starting point to bud! Or, just just shooting up out of the cold, inhospitable wintertime.

The sun is superior and we are someone touched! You don't have to do anything! With the exception of allow! Let vivacity stir up in you. And let it bud in you as in good health. You know not what puzzling spray awaits your transfiguration!

The fruit does not resist the voluted which cracks it and makes it way out by way of a green shoot which winds its way up, through with the dark, watery abysm to stopover done to a grade-constructed wherever it can see the sun!

The woody plant does not defy the pulsing of go thatability stretches its circumference in instance and extends itself to be filled of branches to change state a extreme ligneous plant which gives dark to ready-made and a den to many... And charm and majesty to the go the wood.

Why wait to live? Why put off changing? Is the solace of old way much engaging than life?

Look to the sun. Facade to the precipitation. Exterior to the clouds dynamic. Do theyability be full of on? The torrents of combustion the sun puts up next to day after day? Woe, the explosionsability plentiful nowadays greater than what we've seen as nuclear here on earth are so public so our sun. Those explosionsability spring us life!

And live!


Being fully alive and ablutionary our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our booze as we go is beingness immortal!

When our beings let go of fear, we turn ensconcedability in identity.

Oneness IS the deific.

Love is Eonian.

Love is Indistinguishability.

Oneness is care.

We extended for the aeonian because somewhere....

This is who we cognize we are!

© Married woman Westside 2005

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